Best online store for road clothing?

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Looking to buy some more jerseys/bib shorts and being a relative newbie (started in Feb) I've only really used Wiggle. I have no problems with them but I'm thinking I need to broaden my horizon's a little.

Any suggestions?


  • sungod
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    depends on brand and who has special offers/discount coupons at the time

    at times, ribble and pbk are often cheap, but comparing price with google is always wise, bargains pop up everywhere

    watch out for postage charges

    prendas are good for something different, they have some excellent retro stuff, and the quality is good
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    Parker International are pretty good for clothes.
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  • tremayne
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    Ditto -

    Well worth a look. Some great retro stuff on there.
  • ShutUpLegs
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    Prendas & Ribble best prices at present
    APIII Posts: 2,010 if you want brands not widely stocked elsewhere e.g.Etxeondo, Hincapie, etc. Prices aren't the lowest, but service is good.
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    ShutUpLegs wrote:
    Prendas & Ribble best prices at present

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    Ordered at 4.30pm received 9.30am the next day

    Snap, almost unbelievable 8)