SRAM PC830 chain fitting?

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Do you need to use a SRAM Powerlink to fit a PC830 chain or is it ok to push out and refit a link pin?


  • kettrinboy
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    No never push out and reuse a link pin because sooner or later it will fail, just use an 8 speed power link, easy to fit and remove and will last as long as the chain, ive had a 9 speed one on for 6000 miles and counting on a SRAM PC951 chain.
  • Thats exactly what I thought and why I thought it odd that the shop said nothing about needing one when i purchased the chain.
    I take it you have to purchase it separately then as I didn't get one with it?
    I normally deal with 10spd road stuff so know a special link pin is the norm but wasnt sure if 8spd stuff was still made like the old stuff where the pins where plain and you could push them out.
  • nicklouse
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    Powerlinks normally come with the chain.
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