Ambrosio Zenith hub service

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My rear hub is sounding a bit 'dry' so I wondered how easy these hubs are to service? Has anyone serviced these before? Can't seem to find info/parts on them.



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    The Ambrosio hubs are a generic model produced by Formula and use cartridge bearings. By 'dry' I expect it's the freewheel that needs attention rather than the hub bearings themselves. Trying running some light oil into the freehub body to see if it quietens down i.e. less 'metal on metal' noise. To see if the hub bearings themselves are shot, push the wheel from side to side to see if there's any discernable play - anything beyond a hair's breadth either needs adjustment and any roughness probably means replacement. Such hubs are quite easy to service.
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    ok, thanks alot for the information.