Giro Monza versus Abus Tec-tical

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Looking at buying a new helmet from my LBS. Choice is either Giro Monza or Abus Tec-tical.

Any advice? Can't find many (any!) user reviews for the Abus - anyone out there have any experience of it?



  • n1ckster
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    I have a Monza. For my shape head it is a fantastic fit; really comfortable and has good ventilation, and copes with sunglasses.

    It took me a while and some persverence to get the chin straps and triangle straps set correctly just below the ears, but it is well worth it and once it is done, it's done.

    At the end of the day, I went for the best fitting helemt within my price range at the store. It doesn't matter how feature packed or expensive it is, if it doesn't fit, it won't work.

    HTH, Nick
  • salfordian
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    Thanks Nick, much appreciated.
  • lemon63
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    Also find the Monza nice and light & comfortable, also not too expensive. But it does give you the mushroom head appearance.
  • n1ckster
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    Hadn't noticed the mushroom head appearance, and the people I ride with are obviously far too polite to say!!!

  • teulk
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    Yeah ive got a Monza and it gives me a very "Mushroom Head" but the way i look at it im sure people have got far more important things to do than look at me as i cycle past :D Great Helmet tho.
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