Anyone get strange Wiggle emails - could be phishing...

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i got 2 mails - on Jan 22 and on 14 Mar with the following text (I x'ed out some of the details).
Anyone get these?
I went to the website (not via this mail) and I've only made 2-3 order in the last 3 months and none of them match this number.
Is this phishing?
Maybe I should report them to Wiggle or delete my account there and make a new one...

Hi Mr. FJ,

This is regarding your order number 538366xx41 which you made on wiggle 3 weeks ago.

We are still waiting for the goods you ordered to arrive. We automatically cancel unfulfilled orders after a month - which means this order has a week left until it expires. If you want to keep waiting longer than this, you will need to extend the expiry date for this order by clicking on the link below: ... 538366xx41

The Wiggle Customer Services Team

You can contact Wiggle Customer Services by replying to this message
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    I blame whoever it is pretending to be Wiggle
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    ShutUpLegs wrote:
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    I miss him. :( Its just not the same.
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    I have had a couple of these from Wiggle in the past, well I hope they were :?

    I'm sure it's when you order items when the status is 'Stock expected early...' or 'Usually despatched within x days'. I assume they send these out when those status' can't be met. In both cases for me it was a delay from the UK distributor.

    I'd contact Wiggle CS to find out for definite though.
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