Anybody else experiencing slowness from Wiggle?

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Hi All,

I submitted an order with Wiggle on Monday. IME I'd normally receive a notification within 24 hrs that an order has been processed and then take delivery within 1-2 days.

Three days later I've still not received an email. I've just checked the order status online and it's showing as " Not Yet Processed". This isn't very Wiggle-like.

The stock level of the item did, and still does, show '10+'. So even by Wiggles optimistic guess at stock levels the item should be in stock.

Has anybody else had any issues?


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  • ajb72
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    No - still one of the fastest retailers (second only to CRC) I buy from. That said, I placed an order last night so you can guarantee there will be a back log.

    Perhaps they really are distinguishing between the priority postage and the free postage option. It never used to seem to make a difference, but if they are busy, who knows.
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    Someone PM Speed_King
  • rozzer32
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    I ordered some bits last Thursday and they only arrived yesterday. I know there was the weekend but still a bit slow. But all my other orders with Wiggle have been faultless so I'm not really going to complain.

    Although I didn't get a freebie with my latest order. Gggrrrrr :evil:
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  • Secteur
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    Last order took 2 days to process despite me paying the £3.99 priority delivery. They apologised and refunded the £3.99, but the stuff still arrived too late.

    Did another order yesterday + £3.99 priority, and it still says "waiting to be processed".

  • JRooke
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    I imagine its just hit and miss, I made an order Monday night and its arrived today
  • jordan_217
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    Order now processed. :D
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  • Sammyw23
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    It definitely varies by the day if you use the free postage option - I ordered something last Thursday and it arrived Friday but then ordered again Sunday night and it was only dispatched today. Still my "go to" site for new stash though......
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