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Hi, I'm looking to get a set of wheels build. I'm thinking 105 or Ultegra Hubs on Mavic Open Pro Rims. I noticed that Rose Bikes have very good deals on wheel building.
Here's one ... aid:401809
Does anyone have any experience of Rose for building Wheels.


  • Donie75
    Donie75 Posts: 92
    Right, I think I'm going to order a set of these. I'm just wondering if Open Pro Rims and Ultegra Hubs and DT Competition Spokes are the best to use for a 19 stone cyclist?
    I'm not too worried about having lightweight wheels, I just want very reliable strong wheels.
  • huuregeil
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    CXP33s with 36h would be better for you - stiffer and stronger than Open Pros for a very slight weight increase.
  • Donie75
    Donie75 Posts: 92
    Okay, these might be the job so ... aid:401795
    Do they seem very good value? Should I be worried?
  • cossington
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    I've no experience of Rose bikes.
    As you seem quite unsure as to what you need, I think I'd be tempted to give them a quick call to see what they recommend for you.

    As an alternative/ it would allay some fears for you to speak to another (UK) wheel builder to see -
    a) what they recommend and
    b) how close they can get on price.

    There has been plenty of discussion on recommended builders, or perhaps there is a decent LBS near you who may have a good reputation for wheel building.

    Good luck,

  • huuregeil
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    Yup, that's more like it - would be a solid wheelset in principle. Only issue is whether Rose's build is any good, because this will be the biggest factor determining whether they stay in true and avoid breaking spokes.. They do get a good rep on german forums though, and their prices are very keen!