Quick Handbuilt Wheel Question

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Do you think you would notice a differnece in going from Fulcrum 7s to a set of handbuilts made up of Ultegra Hubs, Excellight Rims, Sapim Race/Aplina F1 spokes?


  • amaferanga
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    They'll look different, but they won't be significantly lighter and won't make you faster.
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  • solboy
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    so not worth spending the money?
  • wicked
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    solboy wrote:
    so not worth spending the money?

    They will be far better than F7's! Stronger, more reliable and easier to repair. They will also be smoother riding and yes will probably feel lighter when climbing.
    Go for it.
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  • Monty Dog
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    The lighter rims in particular will make them noticeably easier to 'spin up'. Don't forget to fit a decent pair of tyres too. Build quality is critical as well.
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  • solboy
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    They will be Harry Rowland wheels with Conti 4 Seasons tyres.
  • solboy
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    Any more comments on this one? I want to place my order today is possible!
  • nferrar
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    Worth it IMO over F7's, you should be able to notice the difference but they won't make you into Contador overnight (unless you're eating dodgy beef as well).
  • cossington
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    In many areas of life, the idea of having something custom made to suit your style, needs, size etc is a rarely attained ideal. How of many of us think that 'one day' we'll have a custom built bike frame. Clothing - designed and made for us and our individual quirks, rather than an item designed to perform perfectly adequately for 90% (put in your own percentage figure there) of the population. I can't justify the expense of a tailor- made suit (maybe one day).

    Bicycle wheels have typically been hand built until very recently (15 years ish, maybe?). The different styles of factory (mass-produced) wheels draws us in (including me -I love my Neutrons).

    Away from the visual bling (which is generally one of the main selling points of factory made wheels), the appeal of a pair of custom made wheels is substantial (or it should be).
    After a chat with a good wheel builder, when he identifies your needs - weight, type of riding, type of roads etc, you know the wheel won't be the same as the previous guy's wheel, but will be ideally suited to you. The custom wheel builder has the ability to source spokes, hubs and rims, each from different manufacturers to get the right blend for your needs.

    When one considers that hand built are often (not always) cheaper, too - hmmm.

    Go for it, Solboy.


  • solboy
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    order placed with Harry!
  • markos1963
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    amaferanga wrote:
    They'll look different, but they won't be significantly lighter and won't make you faster.

    He'll be far faster if he breaks a spoke compared to the F7's