Problems with new cassette

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Hi all,

I have recently put a new cassette, chain and chain rings on and have started experiencing problems. When going up hill on the small chain ring the gears are skipping on the two biggest cogs on the cassette. If I shift up a gear it is fine it just seems to happen on these two.

Any advice would be appreciated

Thank you.


  • kettrinboy
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    If you have front mech trim make sure you use that to stop any chain rub when using the biggest rear sprockets,check the limit screws on front and rear mech are correctly adjusted so they are not the problem and other than that you might just need to tweak the rear mech cable adjuster a very small amount one way or the other,the chain jumps about on the biggest three sprockets on my bike on steeper hills from time to time, only needs an eighth of a turn on the barrel adjuster at the shifter to sort it usually.then it will be ok for quite a while.