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Hi all,

I bought a 105 crankset from a member on here under the impression that it was a double but after closer inspection it looks like there should be another chain ring. Further to this it is marked as a 5603 - Am I right to think the 3 implies it's a triple?. This wouldn't be a travesty, infact probably quite the opposite as I'm quite rotund. My other concern, after installing it doesn't seem to spin all that freely? It doesn't feel gritty or rough, it just doesn't continue to spin quite like I was expecting when you give it a quick flick (no chain on it yet btw)

Is this normal?

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    due to the lager axle and seals there is more friction. if the BB has not been faced there can be more rotating resistance as the bearings are not really self centring. and yes the 5603 is a triple.
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    for the 5603 there's also a spacer that goes between the non-driveside crank and the bb, have you got this fitted?


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    Thanks for the replies, I whipped the inner chaining off my old crank and the jobs a good un'.

    Also, I do have the space fitted as per the diagram.

    Many thanks,