Help purchasing 1st road bike please

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I am looking to purchase a bike for around the £1000 mark through the cyclescheme at work the bikes I have narrowed it down to are:

Cube Attempt 2011
Cannondale Synapsis 105 alloy 2011
Specialized Secteur Elite 2011
Trek 2.1c 2011

Any help would be gratefully received as my knowledge of road bikes is very limited.[/b]


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    They are all good machines.

    There isn’t a lot of meaningful difference other than the geometry and how they actually fit and feel to you, whether they're in your price range, and how you like them aesthetically (and don't let ANYONE tell you that doesn't matter).

    The main thing is to get something that fits.

    There might be objective differences between them in the componentry, but the differences are minor at best in terms of functioning at any given price point, and are not anywhere near as important as the above factors.

    Good luck and whatever way you go, let us know and be sure to update us with a few pics.
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    As previous replies have said they are all good bikes. However, the Cube is this years sub £1000 bike of the year for Cycling Plus Mag. Also for me it has the best wheel and tyre combination which can be significant. I have a Spesh Secteur and its a good bike but IMO along with the Trek and the Cannondale you are paying a premium for the name.

    Try and test ride as many of them as possible, this will be the biggest deciding factor. But make sure that you buy a bike that you like the look of too. For me it would be the Cube.

    Regards, EarlyGo
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    If these are available in your local bike shop then try them all for comfort, if you are considering buying online then I think that Trek only allow local pick up of their bikes.

    The single most important factor is colour Red & Black bikes are much faster than all others and if you put red & black tyres on they get to go supersonic. Ignore all advice about componentry or testing or other peoples views as this is scientifically proven!

    Note: I might be biaised but then again it might be true.... :wink:
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    That's aload of rubbish cause White bikes are faster 
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    I've just sold my white bike, and bought a blue one. Went out for a quick ride on the blue bike this afternoon, and I didn't seem to go as quickly as I would have done on the white bike. But I still went faster than I do when I ride my red and black mountain bike. From this, I can safely say that it is a scientific fact that white bikes are fastest, blue bikes are in the middle, and red and black bikes are slowest.

    (The red and black mountain bike is fitted with a red and black child seat, so if night_porter's theory was right, it should be extra fast.)
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    So our conclusion is that it doesn't matter what bike you ride as long as it's White you will be fine 

    And not forgetting only cool people ride White bikes 
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    I was in the same position as you at the end of last month. The overall consensus seems to be you cant really buy a bad bike for £1000 so I got bored of comparing specs and decided to go for the bike i'd take a look at and most want to take out so inevitable ordered an entry level Italian.

    More specifically this one ... _40933.htm Still waiting on it but the first thing I will do is swap the red tape for black so it looks like this ... _43617.htm

    I'll then be happy as anything :D
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    I have to tell you all that as I work at Oxford University I have top trumps witht he scientific facts.

    Red & Black rules....finito

    People with white bikes do not understand this theory because they are slightly mad (also proven) and do not get me started on people with blue bikes.

    Okay we were all joking but what we ALL meant was pick one because you like to look at it and you WILL love to ride it (subliminal message RED BLACK) :lol: