Saddle Shifting Fore/Aft

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Hi all,

really dumb question here.

Today I've replaced my bike's saddle with something slightly racier. After fine tuning the position though, I'm finding that however tight I clamp the saddle to the seat post, over the course of a ride the saddle shifts backwards by around a cm...
I have absolutely no idea why this is happening, since it didn't happen on my older saddle, and I've tightened the seat post as tight as possible....

It's a Selle SMP Stratus saddle, on the *default* seatpost on a Specialized Secteur (here: I think it's a standard Specialized one.

I've had the original Specialized and a Brooks on the bike without problem, so I'm a little confused as to why it's happening with this one. Only thing I can think of is that because of the way that the Selle SMP is angled, means that I have to tilt the nose up a little further which causes the rails to be angled upwards towards the front of the bike. Maybe my weight is then causing the saddle to move backwards...

Any ideas?


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    Not all saddle rails are the same diameter. you may have bought a saddle with smaller diameter rails that don't quite fit the clamp.

    i would have thought it would be obvious though.
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