Light Tourer/Winter Training Frame

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Hi there guys,
I'm looking for a frame that can be used both as a light tourer and a winter training bike. It needs to have pannier rack mounts, clearance for mudguards and preferably 28 tyres and mounts for sidepull brakes. So far I've found the Kinesis T2. Any other suggestions? Thanks


  • night_porter
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    Planet X Kaffenback steel frame or Planet X Uncle John Frame is an ally frame.

    Delivered price for either is £169.99

    Check out the readers rides on the website too, some look great.
  • I have a Ribble Audax and I love it. Designed specifically for the jobs you want it to do.............

    See the Bikeradar review: ... udax-11764
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    I have the Kinesis Tk, which is now called the Tk2 (different paintjob) Lighter and less harsh than the T / T2, but dearer.

    I run it all year round on 25mm tyres, full mudguards in the winter. Quite a racy geometry; with a carbon fork it's a lovely ride.
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    Thanks for the suggestions guys. IrwinFletcher, I was seriously considering the Ribble, but heard there wasn't much clearance for larger tyres, what do you run? And
    night_porter, those Planet X frames are very tempting but only have mounts for canti brakes. On that subect though, will I notice any difference between them and sidepulls? Thanks
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    The Ribble winter trainer does look good and at £167.91 delivered including a carbon fork is an awesome price.

    However their website does say "Designed to accept tyres upto 700x23mm" and the op wanted to use 28mm.

    To be honest that is the only reason I haven't bought one because they look very good otherwise.
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    Canti brakes and Vee (sidepulls) use the same fittings but you cannot fit normal road bike calliper brakes.
  • Chris James
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    Dawes Audax LE

    although I think I am right in saying that both these frames have only one set of eyelets to share between rack and guards.
  • I run 700 x 23 conti gatorskin tyres (which are excellent) with mudguards. Although the ribble bikebuilder only allows 23mm selection, I know others have used 25s without a problem, which would be comfortable enough for most......
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    The Kinesis frames also have a single eyelet so rack and guards would have to share. They do have the higher rack mounting points on the seatstays.

    Not sure how much weight I'd want on a rack if I fitted one to my Tk though. Think I'd want a steel frame with separate mounting points for a tourer.
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    No mention of budget - but having just built up a Condor Fratello, it's worth a look at for sure - lovely frame that ticks all your boxes:

    Full mudguard clearance (running 35mm SKS with 28mm Conti 4 Seasons)
    Rear rack mounts (not shared with mudguards)
    Caliper brake mounts (using 57mm deep drops - I am running Shimano R650s)

    Flipping lovely bike so far - comes with the Condor carbon Poggio fork and headset for £600 - so it's reasonably pricey.

    Very comfy and enjoyable to ride - it's not the lightest frame out there (but if you're going ot be hanging mudguards and panniers etc. off it, this is no bad thing.). Riding a 400km event on it this weekend - so we'll see if I am still singing it's praises by Sunday morning!