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Im looking for a bike computer that can do
heart rate and cadence
that ideally cost less than a mortgage payment, any ideas or do i ask to much?


  • springtide9
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    My Garmin Edge 800 plus probably a PowerTap is less than my monthly mortgage payments, although I'm very sure that is not a good thing :cry:

    Edge 500 or even Forerunner 310XT if you also run? (or 305)

    Basically need to decide if you want GPS mapping.... as if not there are cheaper solutions.
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    This is my suggestion as an alternative to Polar and Garmin.........not a bad price actually, as I think I remember paying slightly more for a brand new one on eBay. In use, I am actually really pleased with it and downloading data onto a laptop is far easier than my old Polar (which was frankly a nightmare).
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    for that money you can get a Garmin 500, which is a great bit of kit.
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    i researched 2 months and the best reliable option i came up with was:
    Cateye V3 Wireless
    Comes with Cadence + HR monitors and installation kit for one bike all included in the box.

    2 weeks of use found it to be accurate and easy to use. Screen feels small but i have had no gripes about it when riding.

    Wireless Speed and cadence sensors are 2 in 1 attached to the rear wheel. Everyone who saw them installed praised how clean the install was.

    had it installed and configured in less than 15 minutes.

    bought from Evans for around 90 - delivered
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  • thanks for the advice
    I had an old school sigma computer before all todays (my boys use it still works after 15yrs)
    advances, or is it just more to worry about!
  • springtide9
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    Personally I wouldn't spend £50 on a standard bike computer. Any more than that you can get a s'hand Garmin GPS device.

    The Forerunner 305's are only around the £100 mark.

    Obviously we are all different and 'the rules' (which I usually disagree with) state differently.
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    Velomann 23 func. computer. I've got the 20 function jobbie and it works nicely - doesn't get confused by things like induction loops so that's a bonus.
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