Heart rate monitor battery life... I have learnt something..

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After getting used to changing the battery in my HR monitor on my old Polar watch every few months (dependant on use).... I have been doing the same with my new Garmin ANT+ monitor - whether it was working or not (as I hated it failing mid ride/run etc

Also have been wondering how the cadence sensor knows to turn on when in use, as in some cases I didn't appear to turn the pedal and the monitor picked it up... well now I know...


Micro-watt power consumption (Approx. 4 years of battery life on a 2032 coin cell when sending a message every 2 seconds, 24 hours per day)

Looks like I have been wasting lots of batteries as well as my 'buy in bulk' stock might last me a few years... At 4 years per battery... I should be OK until I'm 80years old LOL

I have learnt something today. There are very few days I can say this nowadays LOL


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    it also depends on how much power the rest of the device uses

    i've got a few ant+ things, they all give at least a year before low battery warnings, the hrm strap goes much longer
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    4 years? They are kidding.

    My Garmin HRM strap battery died in less than a year. The battery in the cadence sensor is still going though after just over 12 months. ALso have a Nike watch/HRM thing which had a slightly longer life for the chest strap, but not years.
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