Boardman Team Carbon - Ritchey DS Pro question

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Hi Guys,

I've got an issue with 2 snapped spokes on my Ritchey ds pro rear wheel (standard equipment wheel on the Team Carbon), the problem I'm having is finding information on the spoke length to replace these broken components.. sweet fa by most accounts :(

I have removed a couple of the other spokes and my measurements come in at 283mm?

Does anyone know the correct length and best place to order them from?
Any and all information is welcome,



  • rake
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    id like to know this too. generally theyre 2mm longer on the nearside, but having an offset rim might be the same. its usually good enough to measure them from top of thread to the elbow. im not sure what spokes they are though. how many miles have they done? mine are good after 3k. i tightened the spokes, they are more prone to break when slack.
  • 123oldman
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    Mine had probably done only 500 miles? Riden on not particularly bad road surfaces, seemed pretty taught tension wise.. Checked the front wheel and that seems fine, just the rear wheel with the issues on the spokes.
  • Hi, did you manage to find the spoke length, as I cannot seem to find any info anywhere!
  • Word of caution, extreme close inspection of the rim spoke holes is reqd. you may find the start of stress fractures around the hole, if you've normal vision you may need a magnifying glass failing this get somebody to inspect who's short sighted ( with specs. off) I jest not. The same thing happened to me & I'm now waiting for my new wheels.
  • As an afterthought- mine happened after approx. 5,000 mile on a very mixed standard of road surfaces.Went with such a bang I turned around to see what dropped off, then nursed the rim home at a freezing 4mph.
  • juankerr
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    I blew one on the front of mine and had no joy getting one the same size/type after a trawl of all the local bike shops.
    In the end I measured one of the spokes and found a guy who was selling singles on Ebay , then bought a couple of the measured size and a couple 2mm shorter.... just in case. I think the ones I bought were Halo branded.