Slow puncture advice?

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Got a slow puncture at the moment. I pump my tyres usually once a week but after 3 or 4days the front tyre is getting soft.

Is it likely that the slow puncture will turn into a full blown puncture and i should fix now instead of watching telly, or is it safe to continue pumping every few days?

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  • sungod
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    unlikely to change, unless whatever caused it is still in the tyre digging away...

    tbh i'd fix it now and have the luxury of doing it at home, rather than by the side of the road, also front wheel is more critical, why take a risk
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  • bcmf
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    All depends? What you watching on telly :lol: ?
  • beverick
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    It depends largely as to whether the item causing the puncture is still stuck in the tyre and hence tube.

    It's a safety issue so needs sorting asap anyway.