Ridley damocles

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Hi I am looking at getting a new bike. I tried a ridley excalibur on holiday and really liked it but am looking at the Damocles with ISP. If you have one or tried one and did buy it or didnt buy it, could you say why?

I am not a racer but have just got some money that means I can get almost a dream bike. Not interested in Pinarello, colnago, etc. Dont particularly want a major brand, eg specialised, trek(but going to try a madone at some point).

looking for a really nice, light weight, bike with reasonable comfort for long rides, 100++ miles.



  • CamR
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    Have you considered the Ridley Helium?

    I bought mine because i wanted something comfy for longer rides. It has an ISP also and is very comfy. It is also very light. I basically bought the frame and specced it to my taste.

  • brin
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    I got an Excalibur last year, can't fault it at all, fast and comfy, if you tried one and liked it, why not buy one? The Helium is also a good bike as previously posted, i also like the look of the new Noah RS, good luck with your search.