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Mark Bom
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I'm sure this has been asked before but anyone know of a good company to get some jerseys custom made for a charity ride I'm involved in?

I'm looking for a company that will print the charity design onto a jersey and knock up a handful for a decent price.

The ride is going to be a long one (for some) so quality of the top is important.

Any help appreciated.



  • nickwill
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    If you are after a really good quality jersey it's worth talking to the guys at Shutt VR.

    They are extremely helpful!
  • Mark Bom
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    Thanks fellas.

    Shutt VR would be great, but might prove a bit too expensive. I'll have a chat with the other riders and see what our budget can stretch too.

    The other company looks promising. I'll drop them a line.

  • HonestAl
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    Custom jerseys from can get pricey quickly. I looked into one from Shutt some time ago - what seemed to me like like a simple add to one of their existing jerseys and was surprised how expensive it became. I'm not saying it was a rip off, I have no idea what it costs to produce one, just became far too expensive to consider. I'm also not knocking their kit, it's good, but don't assume you'll get it cheap.

    If you're looking for a simple print transfer onto a jersey which doesn't need to last forever you might look at the option of doing a transfer from an inkjet printer. I've done a few T shirts that way and though they fade they might be good enough? Never tried transferring onto synthetic material though.
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  • gary.hounsome
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    Heard these are good
  • Mark Bom
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    Cheers Gary, that site looks good, especially as you can design your shirt online and they do gilets and shorts etc. I'll look into them more, but could prove costly if I get carried away!

    As for Shutt VR, I think you're right, it wouldn't be cheap. I like the look of their gear, but for our purposes, I think it would be a bit expensive.
  • roadracedave
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    it may be worth checking out either Kalas or Champion Systems, I believe both are reasonably priced and can deal with small order quantities
  • markshaw77
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    Heard these are good

    We had some jerseys from Owayo last year and they are pretty good - not the finest fabrics, but comfortable, last well and the printing of the design and logos was spot-on

    Not sure how they came out on price as someone else did the legwork, but if the price is right I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them
  • Mark Bom
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    D'oh. Too much choice now!

    Many thanks for all the suggestions, I'm going to have to sit down and do some homework now to work out the best deal.