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good evans(maybe not)

simonc2806simonc2806 Posts: 31
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i ventured over to lakeside evans today just to have a look around buy a couple of things and more importantly to check them out as i'm looking at a new bike and its the nearest large cycle chain near me. i don't think i should of bothered i got what i wanted but the service was terrible. a busy bank holiday and a handful of staff i really did exspect more from a large company. i think i will have a look at the local bike shops near me they seem to more in touch with what the cyclist wants.


  • chillingchilling Posts: 267
    I would have thought a busy bank holiday was the worst time to go and check out a shop. The staff aren't going to have the time to deliver what would be their usual service. It's not like they can lay on an extra 6 staff (well ones that you would want serving you) for just the 4 days.

    I've never used them for more than browsing and buying bits because they are convenient at the time, so can't comment on their services.

    To be honest it's pretty much down to the mechanic you get anyway. If they know their stuff then you get the job done good. The skill is in finding the mechanic. I found the guy I use by talking to other local cyclists and getting recommendations.

    My guy doesn't even work out of a shop he has a little cabin but he's good.
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