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Hi all,
I'm not stranger to a bike, however this little problem has stumped me. I have just bought an old Steel framed Puch road bike however the gears are slipping all over the place.
After stripping, cleaning & re-greasing the rear mech (a Simplex 6sp) and having played with the tensioning of the front & rear mech I am still having the same problem, an almighty clunking from the rear mech.
I have also noticed that the chain on the crank (Silstair 52t, 42t) looks too big.
The crank looks very clean & the rear cass (Shimano MF-Z012 6sp) is very dirty leading me to believe that the two have been replaced, but not the chain.

Do you think its worth me replacing the chain with a 6sp just in case this is the case?

Let me hear your thoughts.
Thanks for any feed back


  • Berk Bonebonce
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    If a chain on a chainring looks too big you might be looking at a worn chainring. And your sprockets could be worn beyond use as well.