american classic 420 aero 3

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i have been blinded by the bling of these wheels :shock: 8)

would i notice a difference between these and the ritchey ds pros fitted as standard to my boardman team carbon? They seem quite a bit lighter. (speed, climbing etc)

still not up to speed on the advantages disadvantages of alu vs carbon. :? (overall weight vs rim weight , carbon with alu breaking surface etc etc etc)

for a similar amount of money would i be better with a pair of carbon fuerte bici or ribble superleggera or planet x carbon clinchers (if they ever become available)?



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    I've been through a similar quandary to yourself looking to upgrade some Reynolds Shadows. Looked at Fuerte Bici and Chinese 50mm carbon, American Classics, Mavic Aksiums etc but in the end I've gone for Fulcrum Racing 1. Reasons are the Fulcrum Racing 7s I have on my other bike, although heavy, are stiff, reliable and have never needed attention in two years of constant use plus I'll be using the new wheels in the Alps and wanted to retain the better braking performance of aluminium rims as well as having a lightweight and stiff wheel. The American Classics might be great but I decided I'd rather go with a company that I know produces good tough reliable wheels and I'm not convinced the rims on the American Classics are deep enough to give any appreciable aero benefit. I might spring for some Chinese 50mm carbon at some point to try out a properly aero wheel but just now I think the Fulcrum 1 are a good low risk option- plus the 2011 black and silver finish and wide spokes will look great on my black, white and silver Kuota.

    Just need Ribble to get off their asses and deliver them now.