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Ceramic Bearings

christurbochristurbo Posts: 432
edited April 2011 in Road buying advice
Have anyone swapped out their steel BB bearings [BB30 if poss] for ceramic versions.

The price difference is 93% more expensive so are they 93% better?


  • turnerjohnturnerjohn Posts: 1,069
    yep sure did....cant really tell the difference on the bike...chainset turns ubber smooth though :D
  • Yes me. Trust me it's worth the upgrade. Get an F1 ceramic BB. There listed on ebay right now. for $89. They used grade 3 ceramic bearings. Don't forget to upgrade your pulleys and wheelset bearings to ceramic also. They roll and spin longer than grade 25 steel bearings.
  • psiturbopsiturbo Posts: 64
    What was the difference in watts?

    Any data to back it up, site etc!

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