New bike problems?

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I've done about 600-800 miles on my new bike and....

This morning I was heading out when I heard a grinding noise - only on a pedal downstroke. Initially I thought it was coming from the bottom bracket so I called in to my local bike shop and asked if he could look at the BB. He checked it over and there was no sign of play or wear. He then checked for play on the rear wheel and whilst doing so was able to create the same sound. He took the wheel off, removed the skewer and dismantled the hub taking the cassette off too. There was very little evidence of grease in the LHS of the hub and the ball bearings were sitting in rust coloured water. The RHS of the hub was well greased. The LHS cone has some minor pitting on the curved surface and there is some pitting on the inner surface. He replaced the ball bearings, re-greased the hub and cleaned the cone. Once it was reassembled I was able to cycle the bike without the same sound being created.

The bike was bought mail order this year. I've emailed the retailer and asked what they will do to resolve this.

Any thoughts on what would be a reasonable response?

I'm not keen to send the wheel back as it means I'll be unable to cycle it unless I cannibalise my wife's bike.


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    you dont use a pressure washer to clean your bike do you?
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    No pressure washer. Just a hose set on a soft "jet".

    I spoke to the LBS this morning again and he reckons that whilst a hose pointed at the hub will let water in there just wasn't enough grease in the hub.

    I suppose if water can get in, grease can get out but I don't wash with hot water, it's not that pressurised and the weather temp hasn't be high enough to liquify the grease.

    Looks to me as though whoever put the wheel together forgot the grease. Let's see what the retailer says.
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    Was it a Shimano hub? The last pair I bought had very little grease in them from the factory.
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    2alexcoo wrote:
    Was it a Shimano hub? The last pair I bought had very little grease in them from the factory.

    No. The wheels are Pro-Lite so I guess not Shimano.

    To be fair, the retailer has replied to my email and we are in discussion on what to do.
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    Issue seems to be resolved between me and the retailer. They have responded quickly to my emails and confirmed that the warranty still stands on the wheel despite the LBS sorting the hub. They are also going to credit me with the value of the repair (£10).

    I'm happy with this and can't fault their response.

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