Sram rival brake install.

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Hi, im putting a rival groupset on my bike. I have installed the brake cable through the shifters but the exit point where the cable comes out there is no space for the cable casing and end cap! The shift cables casings and caps fit no problem . Probably a stupid question and missing something. The manual just says install brake cable but doesnt say anything about the cable casing/housing and the videos on utube conviently doesnt show this step.



  • Pokerface
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    Do you mean the outer cable - at the rear of the shifter?

    The cable should exit at the inside edge of the sifter. No end cap goes on the outer at that end - just push the outer into the 'slot'.

    I realize it's hard to explain.

    Post up a pic of your cabling if this doesn't make sense and I/we can make sure you've got it exiting in the right spot.
  • s25scd
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    Thanks Pokerface, managed to suss it out, was just feeding the cable through the wrong path and it wasnt comming through the right exit doh! but managed to get it , thanks