Recommend me: Brake and Gear Cables & Housing

Paul Gannon
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Right, I'm a bit clueless...

Putting together a bike at the moment, have the bulk of it together, Campag 10S Ergo on a Planet X Kaffenback with Canti's.

Can someone recommend me a set of brake and gear cables & housings, cheaper the better!!!

I really don't have a clue where to start looking or if there's any issues I should be aware of in terms of compatibility.




  • I use Clarkes premium gear brake and gear cable set. I use them on my road bike and MTB. Good quality inners and outers. I bought a new set from Halfords online the other day (they are doing 3 for 2) they are £8.99 a set and I got some new Easton bar tape thrown in for free!

    Hope that helps.
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  • Pokerface
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    Cheap? Just go to any LBS and ask for generic inners and outers. They will have rolls of outer - and cut off lengths for you. Inners will be purchased separately. Usually just a few quid for the outers and around £2 each for the inners.
  • Paul RS
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    Not cheap as such but by a long shot the slickest shift ive ever felt came through these: