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Im needing a new pair of shoes. I've worn Sidi's for many years but fancy trying out some Specialized body geometry (comp road)

Im unable to try before I buy where I am. Im a 10 UK but Sidi come up small so I wear 45 sometimes 45.5 in Sidi.

If you are a 10 what size Specialized road shoes do you use?

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  • seanoconn
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    I'm a size 10 and take a 45 in sidi and specialized. I found specialized a little narrow but if a regular sidi fit you, should't have any problems.
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  • sungod
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    fwiw i'm 10.5/11 shoe size, the 46 specialized is fine for me - so if the width is ok i reckon you'd be alright with 45
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  • Supergoose
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    Much appreciated guys. Not an ideal scenario guessing at fit but this gives me confidence to go for a 45.

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  • mcrdave
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    I'm a 10 and a 44 in Specialized (just to throw a spanner in the works!)
  • Supergoose
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    Ah great! Thanks for that Dave. :D
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  • Not that I am wanting to piss on your bonfire, but I had ankle problems with a pair of Specialized body geometry shoes a few years back......went back to Sidi's and the problem went away.

    May have just been that they did not suit my feet......
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  • cougie
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    I much prefer my Spesh shoes to the Sidi Genius I used to have. FWIW I have wide feet and they fit me much better now. Cant remember what size I was in Sidi - I know I needed to try two sizes of Spesh to get the best fit as i was falling between them.
  • dag_on_a_bike
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    Specialized Comp road shoes come out typically at about £100.

    However Certini are presently doing the Pro, in white, at £99.99, down from £169.99. Superb shoe, especially at £30 less than I paid last year. Oh, and they have them in stock in a 45. P&P free.

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  • Squillinossett
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    mcrdave wrote:
    I'm a 10 and a 44 in Specialized (just to throw a spanner in the S-works!)

    See what I did there :wink:
  • northpole
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    I'm 10 and 45 in Spesh fitted perfectly - I have slightly narrow feet.

    One thing I noticed about the bg shoes compared with Sidi is that the ratchet mechanism for securing the shoes is nowhere near as well engineered. The Spesh shoes themselves are sturdy but given the choice I prefer the Sidi (provided they have Spesh footbeds fitted!!).

  • rjsmith
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    I'm a 10 and use Specialized 45s in both the road and mtb shoes.
  • Chip \'oyler
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    Just a word of warning, After a recent bike fitting session it turns out Specialized shoes 'tracks' for the cleat bolts aren't as long as Sidi's. If your current cleats are pretty far forward on your Sidi's you might not be able to get the cleats in the same position on a pair of Specialized.

    Having said that - Specialized shoes are very good and very comfy.
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