On Road chain repair

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i am wondering what spares you carry in case you snap a chain during a ride.

I do carry a chain tool but I have never had to use it and I am not 100 % confident I could use it in an emergency. I have used it in the comfort of my back garden once or twice.

I was thinking of buying some chain links as these seem easier to use in an emergency situation ..are there any recommended products that would work on a 10 speed chain on a road bike?


  • stardude
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    for 10 speed, dont use sram. they go together, but dont come apart like the links on lesser gear chains.

    i think these are the best ones for 10 speed quick link

  • sungod
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    carry a couple of pairs of kmc missing links - you just need to choose the correct type for your chain (speed 10, shimano/sram or campg compatibility)

    the chain may end up a bit short if you have to cut a bit out for the repair, but dropping to the small ring should get you home

    you could also carry a few spare links left from when you cut a new chain to size, then if you lose a chunk you can splice it back in with the kmc links
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  • mike ives
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    You will still need to carry your chain tool as well as some missing links to be on the safe side.
  • kettrinboy
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    Yep as said above you will need the chaintool to press the pins out of the broken link from the ends of the chain, then you can use the missing links to rejoin it,why not practise removing links on an old bit of chain then you,ll be more confident should you ever have to do it by the roadside.
  • JamieW
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    i tend to carry a couple of spare links in my saddle bag. personally i use the sram links. i have a topeak alien multi tool which has everything that i need to do on the repair side (within reason at road side)