Campag rear derailiuer indexing

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This has probably been asked many times before.
can anyone suggest any links which can tell me how I adjust the indexing on a 2009 campag record rear derailuier.



  • rhnb
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    Here's the Campagnolo PDF for 10 speed rear derailleur adjustment... ... illeur.pdf

    Page 24/25 should get you sorted.

    Cheers... Allan.
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  • AllanM
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    Excellent, that should do the trick


  • bcmf
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    drop the levers and rd onto the smallest cog positon. Release the cable a tad from the locknut on the underside of the RD.
    Wind the adjuster (on the back of the rd) to halfway point in/out.
    Pull the cable as hand tight as you can or nicely tight while clamping the cable and tight the locknut. Spin the crank and shift the lever up one notch.
    If the chain 'chatters' just tighten the adjuster (ie unscrew) until it shifts and stops chattering.Move the shifter so its drops the chain onto smallest cog..
    All it takes are very small tweeks to get it shifting perfect.