cleaning and lubing

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in your opinion.....
best chain/ cassette cleaner degreaser? (wont damage the carbon)

best summer lube, dry? or just stick with GT85

i see a lot of good reviews for the park CM5 chain cleaning contraption (fact or fiction)



  • Yossie
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    IMHO the chain cleaning things are pointless: Jizer, paintbrush and read my post on this: ... 7#16863747
  • goodstuff

    Is jizer ok around carbon fame paint jobs
  • goodstuff

    Is jizer ok around carbon fame paint jobs
  • forcutty
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    This is controvertible subject :lol:
    I'd stay away from cleaning a chain on the bike, too fiddly. IMO
    Get a powerlink and remove the chain. Place in jar with paraffin/degreaser of choice and scrub with toothbrush.Let soak and lube.
    I have got a lifeline chain cleaner but it does not clean within links properly and cannot really be used with water based degreasers as its going rusty :roll: shows how much i use it :lol: