New Wheels for Boardman 2010 Team Carbon

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I am thinking of upgrading the wheels on my TC to someting like the Fulcrum Racing 3's. Has anyones else done the same and did it make a big difference to the performace of the bike?
Any other wheel suggestion at a similar price point for the TC?



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    i dont think it will make any difference thats noticeable (without dropping £100 on carbon rims). mine havent deteriorated after 3000 miles at all and do look like falling apart anytime soon. some will say formula hubs are rubbish but theyre still as smooth as when i got them. all ive done was tighten all the spokes a bit becuase they were a bit low from new. theyve stayed level for 2500 miles.
  • I upgraded to RS80's from Ritchey Pro's a while back. Might be a minor performance increase but a lot smoother and more comfortable. No regrets for me but don't expect miracles. FYI I never had problems with the Ritcheys sometimes reported by others.
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