Mac won't recognise Garmin 705

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I've had a good look on this and other forums and I'm not sure what to do - the gadget used to automatically mount as two USB storage drives when I plugged it in but as of today nothing's happening. Gadget still charges but the computer, Training Centre and ANT monitor don't detect it.

It's a 13" Macbook with OS 10.67. Other USB devices are working fine. I'm using the original Garmin USB cable. I've done a hard reset but it hasn't helped (brilliant). I've even email ed Garmin but I'm not expecting an answer particularly soon because of bank holiday wedding madness.

Please help!
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  • perhaps try another cable and give the socket in the 705 a clean?

    i *think* ive had this problem when some of the pins werent connecting (so enough for power, but not enough for the application/file level)

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    Same thing happened to my 500. Just wouldn't mount any more.

    Had to send it back to Garmin for a replacement.
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    P.S. Check out this thread on the Garmin forum:

    There's a trick in there that helped me mount my Garmin a few times before it failed completely. And if it needs replacing, a quick phone call to the UK service center sorts it out quickly.
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    My 705 did the same with Windoze at the beginning of the month, a quick phonecall to Garmin on 08082380000 for an RMA number and a chat with a technician, aka geek, sorted it out. They advise 10 days from receipt in southampton but I would have had mine back on day 8 if City-Link had done as they said and left a card at my place and actually run the bell :x
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  • When you connect the unit (switched off) to your computer does it boot up as if it was switched on normally (ie go to the satellite acquisition screen)?
    If so, I might have had a similar problem a while back albeit on a PC.
    After connecting the unit hit the OFF button until you get the "connected to a computer" graphic on the front screen (I think it takes two goes). Alternatively you can use BootBlock, which is holding the joystick in the UP position while you connect the switched off unit to the computer (this can be a bit tricky for the hand-eye coordination challenged among us).

    Once you've got the unit in the connected state, you should be able to look at the contents of the unit using whatever your Mac uses instead of Windows Explorer. In my case there were two removable drives, one was the microSD card with the maps on and the other the unit's internal 1GB flash drive (older units have a 500MB drive I believe). This second drive, when selected, gave an error message saying it needed to be formatted. After checking on the web, and removing the SD card to avoid accidents, I formatted the drive, and hey presto! the unit started working again. OK, I'd lost all my settings, but I'd have needed to redo them with a new unit anyway.

    I, obviously, take no responsibility if you try this and it b*ggers up your Edge.

    Hoping this helps.
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    Same thing happened to me on a Mac, you can force it to connect by pushing the joystick button up while connecting and holding the button up until it mounts.

    After it connects do the web update and see how it goes.

    Had to send mine back to Garmin in the end, waiting for a replacement to come out.

    I have got the base zip files that Garmin sent me if you want to have a go at repairing the operating system prior to contacting Garmin, PM me your email address and I will send thm over if you want :wink:

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    Fantastic - thanks for all of the responses! I'll have a crack at it after work.

    @wollow007, might well take you up on that!
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    My 805 does mount easily on my Mac. I have to keep switching it on and off. Make sure there isnt an unsaved ride.