Controltech Aero Bars

kafkathedog Posts: 242
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I'm tempted to get some of these to clip on my road bike for TT's

Weight looks good, not very adjustable but I'm not too worried about that as I think I can get the right position.
Just wondered if anyone has them and their thoughts.
If anyone does have them and could post a picture of them fitted to the bike that would be great. It would give me an indication of how high above the bars the arm rests are.

What is the length of them? could find any reference to that


  • ajmitchell
    ajmitchell Posts: 203
    hi, I have these in carbon and also in alum; there not much difference really. They stick out about 18cm from the handlebars. They are adjustable but the fixing screws and really weak and I recommend replacing them. They are very solid on the handlebars because of their left and right clamps. The longer version is the Controltech Aero TT Cockpit, but its hard to get in the UK.

    Also consider the Vision Mini Clip On Bar Set which as its happens also have an 18cm length and very good build quality. in the Vision Mini Clip On Bars the arm rests stand up a bit but in the controltech they are very flat; low profile you might say.

    hope that helps!