Cobbles vs Warranty?

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I recently did a sportive over cobbles. I used a brand new pro-level bike less than a month old and at around 110km mark the chain skipped off the back DA jockey wheel causing the drive train to lock up and tear the derailleur from the frame.

Does riding over cobbles void your DA warranty with Shimano?


  • This is not a warranty failure - Sorry
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    chain too long or a poor gear choice.
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    If you thrash your car down a pothole ridden lane & take the sump out, burst a tyre or break a suspension component, is that a warranty item? Clearly not.

    Your situation and the car analogy would constitute neglect / abuse outwith normal operating parameters IMO and wouldnt be a warranty issue.

    Just look how many bikes get broken on the spring classic races
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    It's an interesting question, but I think the above may be correct.

    What if you broke a frame called 'Roubaix'?
    or (what I did at the weekend) torn apart a tyre with 'Pave' in the name?
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    I think if either case were as a result of a manufacturing fault, then yes, however it could equally be classed as abuse.

    Proving it was a manufacturing fault may be very difficult & expensive.
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    was it a real JRA story?

    if so, why mention the cobble question? heck - half the roads in the UK are on par with the worst roads in flanders so why should it matter if you were on cobbles?

    you say "I was in surrey" and they'll understand :-)
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    Warranty only covers you for defective design, materials or manufacture - I expect you'll find this is classed as "operator error' the same as if you'd crashed I'm afraid
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    That does sound odd. Proving that it was a defect may be very hard, but you may get a discount on new stuff if you have a word.
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    so what has broken? the dropout? is it not replaceable take it to where you got it from and see what they say
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    Wouldn't the hanger break first? I thought that's pretty much what they're designed to do so you don't knacker your frame or derailleur. Unless of course you use Campag Xenon which is plastic and snaps for itself!