How much should I be paying for a 2nd hand CAAD9 ?

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Have an opportunity to buy a second hand CAAD9, it's was purchased July 2009 for circa £1200 and comes equipped with a Shimano 105 groupset and Mavic aksium wheels. Colour is black and the bike is in very nice condition, subject to a test ride next week I may well buy it and therefore I'd be interested to hear what others feel would be a fair price for it....?

Thanks in advance.


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    70% of purchase price minus 5% for each year of age.
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    Gazzaputt wrote:
    70% of purchase price minus 5% for each year of age.

    Have you included the 'Ebay' factor? :lol:
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    70% of purchase price minus 5% for each year of age.

    This formula looks good and gives a value of £750ish, check on Ebay and a black one sold for £725 recently so the fomula seems pretty accurate.

    The most important things are:

    Does it fit?

    Does it ride nice?

    Does it look nice?

    What needs repairing/replacing within the next few months?

    Do you want it?

    What are you prepared to pay for it?

    How much would you lose if you decided it wasn't right for you and you tried to sell it on?

    How much does the seller want for it?
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    I would say go in at £550 and see what the seller says, should be able to keep it below £700 that way.
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    I'd say chance your arm at £500 and step away at £650 or so.

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  • The OP asked what a "fair" price was and imho £500 just isn't a fair price!

    To pay that much would be a steal for the buyer and be ripping off the seller, unless it is his choice to sell at this price.

    I am all for getting a bargain but if it is being sold by a friend or relative chancing your arm just might cause a rift?

    Assuming it is a well looked after or little used bike then this is what I think:

    £800 > Love at first sight, just what you wanted, cannot live without, etc.
    £750 = Fair price
    £700 = Bargain
    £650 = Real bargain
    £650 < A Steal
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    I have just bought a black CAAD9 2009 model.

    Condition is as New, it has a full Shimano 105 triple groupset and has Mavic Aksium wheels.

    I paid £700 for it and think that it's well worth the money.

    A happy customer :):)
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    Thanks for all the input!

    It's a 52cm frame which I'm pretty sure is the right size for me, I'm going to take it for a proper test ride next week (chap I ride with is good friends with the owner) so I'll see how I feel about it then, I'm hoping it will be a nice step up from the Ribble Winter trainer I've been riding!

    Price wise the owner is looking for £750 and don't think there is much room to haggle, although I'd feel comfortable paying up to £700 but don't think I'd go any higher...

    It doesn't appear to need anything doing on it, it's in very nice condition although it has a few marks but nothing more than you would expect to find on a bike that's had fairly light usage. The only thing I may need to change is the bars as the owner has fitted a fairly narrow set (39 c-c) but I'll see how I get on with them when I ride it.

    Also I'm interested to see how Shimano 105 compares to the Campag veloce I currently have...
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    Mine was well worth £700.

    Great bike, fantastic frame which is worth spending extra cash on in the future.
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    I don't think that the CAAD9 tends to fetch that much secondhand in that so many people are chasing the carbon 'dream' - despite the rave reviews on this forum for the CAAD9. Seen them go for £500 or even less on eBay and given the 52cm frame size the current owner would not necessarily have the widest buyer's market. I wouldn't be going in at £700 or anywhere near it on the base of these eBay prices below (and we all know that bikes tend to fetch a good deal more on eBay than they do privately). If the seller is firm on £750, walk away and wait for one to crop up on the Bay - you could save yourself £200!! ... =50&_rdc=1