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Hi Guys,

I've just bought a road bike. I've been MTBing for years but have not riden road until now.

Just wondered whether anyone can recommend a speedo with cadence meter?

I've been looking at a Cateye Strada Double Wireless for £55.99. This is just based on the fact that I get on very well with my wireless Strada on my MTB.

Cheers Guys
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  • Burghley
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    Good choice, or consider the V2C from Cateye also

    miles more cycling comfort
  • jlgt
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    The Strada double wireless is great - I've used one for about 9 months which I'm actually about to sell as I've just bought a Garmin; send me a message if you're interested...
  • ThatBikeGuy
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    I use the boardman wireless comp, you can get it for about 40 quid and up to now it has worked fine. Only been using it around a week so i can't say whether it's as good/better than the cateye.
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  • Ollieda
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    I've got strada double but the wired version. Hardly ever notice the wire actually being there and saved a few quid over going wireless. In my mind a very good meter, one button operation and plenty of different readings taken as well as the standard totally distance meter (i.e. how far you've gone since you got it) theres an individual trip meter to measure each ride and nother seperate one that can be reset individually (i.e. you can have dist1 recording each ride and dist2 recording the week's or month's rides in total.
  • moonshine
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    +1 for the wired cateye strada cadence.. have one for th last 3 yrs and been perfect. i bought one for my GF.

    never had the cables give me a moments problem & havn't needed the wireless version. It takes a little while to initally set up the cables tidily, but after that... no issues.
  • Bar Shaker
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    I also have the wireless Boardman one. I have been really watching my cadence and my endurance has increased considerably since I upped my rate. Average cadence (according to the computer) is now in the low 80s on all of my rides. I try to keep within 5 rpm of what seems to be my sweet spot.

    It also shows current altitude and total climb for the ride.
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