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does anyone have use a thule outrider bike carrier
its the one where you take off the front wheel and fix the front forks into the carrier

I have the thule pro riders ofr my mountain bikes, the outrider is more expensive just wondering whether worth it for a road bike

let me know your thoughts if youve used them



  • AndyD2574
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    My mate uses it for road and mtb and its solid.

    Seems good buy
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  • hopper1
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    I have a Thule Outride 561, which holds the front end by the fork drop outs.

    Not used it as yet.
    There is a lot of confusion over Thules warning that states 'Not for Carbon Fibre Forks', which has evidentally been withdrawn now.

    I know of one chap who's P3 came sweeping down the side of his car, at speed, because the front clamp had somehow come undone, it was still held by the rear band, but a lot of damage was caused...
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  • thanks just checked the thule website
    suggests its the bike carrier for carbon frames

    one of the roof rack sites says not 100% carbon forks, but ok for those with alloy wheel mountings.

    off to check my easton forks!!
  • its a no my easton for full carbon forks!
  • proto
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    There's another long thread on this somewhere, a few users, me included, are very happy to ignore the 'not for carbon dropout' warnings.