165mm Record Chainset?

brucey72 Posts: 1,086
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I have had a bi-lateral knee replacement and am making my first tentative steps back to cycling. I have 110 degree bend in each knee and my physio has advised that over the next few months this should increase to about 120 degrees. A keen cyclist himself, he has said that I should maybe look to replace my 172.5 chainset with a 165mm one as this will make it easier to cycle with a slightly restricted knee bend, but the problem is I am struggling to find one in this length.

My current chainset is the 10 sp 2008 Campag Centaur UT 34/50 and I was hoping to upgrade to Record or similar but I can't seem to find a 165mm one anywhere. Does anyone know where I might locate one or if not maybe suggest a comparable alternative to Record.

Many thanks.