Campagnolo Veloce Front Mech Disintegration

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Whilst out riding on my road bike today my Veloce front mech made a cracking noise and decided to fall apart! At the time I was riding on the flat in the big ring taking it fairly easy. I have full Veloce groupset and have had it from new about 18 months.
Having used Shimano front mechs on various mtb's for the last 20 years I have never had this happen before.
Is this a known weakness with Veloce mechs or is this a one off?
Is it possible to use a Shimano front mech with Camagnolo groupset or am I going to have to get another Campagnolo one?
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  • I have used a Veloce front mech through a ton of miles with no problems at all. Not sure what would have caused the mech to self-destruct like that.

    You can use a Shimano front mech with the Veloce shifters. I used a 105 front mech as I slowly switched over to random Campagnolo components and it worked fine with the Veloce shifters I have in place now.
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    Campagnolo parts have a 3 year warranty - take it back to your LBS if you have a problem. FWIW front mechs very rarely fail IME - either due to getting mangled by a mis-shift / chain jam or impact damage - are you sure it was correctly installed / not taken a knock?
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  • As I originally stated, I was riding along on the flat at a steady 20ish mph. I'd already rode about 40 miles, and to be honest, in the 18 months of use it has never mis-shifted or give me any cause for thought.
    Basically, as I was riding along I heard a noise like when you run over a small piece of metal, etc. The chain then started making a grating noise, which is where it was rubbing the mech.
    When I looked at it, the small piece of metal which separates the two mech sides and sits above the chain, had snapped off and disappeared.
    Good to know that there is a 3 year guarantee though, I'll give Ribble a bell and see what they say.
    2008 Giant Trance (own build)
    1996 Marin Mount Vision (from new)
    Ribble Carbon Sportive
    Dawes rigid hardtail (commuter)
  • I had a problem with a Campagnolo part and sent it back to Ribble. Within a week they had sent out a new replacement. As far as I know they are a Campagnolo service centre, so if they can't replace it they should fix it.

    Hope this helps.