Are campag Zonda hubs quiet or Clicky?

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Was wondering thats all


  • rc856
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    Do you mean 'clicky' as in when you're freewheeling?
    My Zonda's make the noise but is that not down to my Campag cassette?
  • solboy
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    i have this on my Fulcrum 7s and it drives me nuts. Will be changing to DT Dwiss or Shimano as soon as funds allow
  • robd75
    robd75 Posts: 147
    I meant the freewheel noise
  • neeb
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    Don't know about zondas in particular but campag freehubs tend to be nice & clicky... It's great!

    If you don't like it you can strip and re grease them with a standard grease (not campag's own white stuff) and they will be a lot quieter.
  • AndyF16
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    My Zondas (running with Record 12-27 cassette) are silent, much different to the old Khamsins which you could hear coming half a mile away :wink:
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  • rokkala
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    Khamsins and Vento Reactions are noisy, Scirocco upwards are quiet.
  • thegreatdivide
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    I bloody LOVE the sound of a Campag freewheel. The sound of a dozen of them in a group ride is music to my ears. Embrace the noise! :D