Planet X R50 wheels - any good ?

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They look an uber bargain, lightweight and everything from that place (so far) is great. How are the wheels ? Worth the coin ?


  • term1te
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    I'm also tempted, can't find much in the way or a review or opinion on them either. Not that keen on the graphics, the not yet in stock ones look a little too much like a cheaper version of the Dura ace graphics. The Team Guru edition just look odd, but then so did Björk, and she turned out quite successful.

    With the poor old pound so weak and VAT free exports, you can't buy the components from China and build them yourself for that money.
  • giant_man
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    Bjork was brilliant! And so is PX kit .....
  • lucca
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    I also like the look and price of these but am put off with them being Tubular. How easy are Tubs to fit and fix at the side of the road. Only ever had clinchers before so just a touch nervous about taking the plunge to tubular :oops:
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    Tubs are easy to change at the side of the road, however I only use mine for racing.

    The Planet X wheels are very prevalent in my club and at races, for good reason, they are very good and a good price.

    You can get carbon clinchers from here for 575 -
  • roadiesean
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    Nap, as always, great advice, that is a great shop that wheelsmith. Just trying to work out whether or not to buy some race wheels. I have some Racing Zeros and the new SRAM S30AL Race wheels (which are stunning, fast and light) but whats the feeling on 50mm tubs racing on circuits ? Worth the bother ????

    Thanks for your thoughts guys.