xerolite wheels xr-210

gavinrae Posts: 9
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just bought a set of these wheels. anybody else out there got a set. or anybody got news on them? :D


  • miken123
    miken123 Posts: 16
    Had a set of these for almost a year and think they are excellent hoops and look really classy with the big flange hubs. Weight wise they are about 1580g and for the price are hard to beat. Dont hear alot about these wheels but dont know why.
  • I got a pair a while ago on ebay as they looked okay and they where great.
    Light and strong and rolled well.
    The back got mangled when I was hit by a vauxhall corsa otherwise I'm sure they would still be going strong.
  • nickwill
    nickwill Posts: 2,735
    Great wheels for the money. I've had a pair on my best bike since last June and they are as true as when I first got them.
  • pastey_boy
    pastey_boy Posts: 2,083
    awesome wheels and coped with my then 18 stones admirably, only got rid due to aesthetic reasons
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