Cane creek headset problem

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Help, after almost every ride the spacers on my headset come loose.I took it to my lbs (bought bike off net bout 12 months ago) who said the steerer tube was to long so they cut a little off it.that hasn't solved the problem and i get a creaking noise now too.i'm having to loosen handlebar bolts and tighten top cap before a ride.can anyone make any suggestions to cure problem?


  • KillerMetre
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    Have you lost any spacers? Also the top cap/ star nut should not be tightened any more than finger tight. All your looking to do is load the bearings...nothing more.Over tightening the star nut could be putting too much stress on the bearings which may cause creaking.

    Hope this helps.
  • no dont think i've lost any spacers.thanks for that will loosen off bolt alittle to see how that goes