Road Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit

eggzenbeanz Posts: 31
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I have recently fitted my ultegra 6700 tubeless rims and Hutchinson Atom 3 tubeless tyres. They’ve been great, however I suffered a puncture after a long ride which I was unaware of until my next ride. The tyre was flat and wouldn’t inflate above 60psi, the wheel milk p1ssed out when trying to pump up too.

I’ve now put another tyre on.

However, I’m off on a cycling holiday in the summer, if the same happens again is there an external patch or bung to plug holes like these? I’ve been looking on Google and forums, but I can’t seem to see any conclusive patch/plug product which suits road tyres and their 100 psi pressures? They all seem to be for MTB, but these are lower psi and I'm sure unsuitable.

I’m going to take inner tubes just in case I suffer catastrophic failure, but I want to keep with tubeless setup as they don’t suffer the tiny little punctures as standard tubes do.