Altura crosslite jacket owners.what is fit like?

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Any Altura crosslite jacket owners out there?
Wondering what the fit is like.I am 37" chest.Small is listed as 36/37 medium as 37/38.
From reviews it seems the material has some stretch in it.Would the small be too tight a fit for me?Also any other comments owners may have would be welcome.


  • redvision
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    not sure on that specific jacket, but i have a couple of altura nightvision jackets in a medium (38-40) and they fit me perfectly - im a 37" chest.

    BUT i have just bought a altura long sleeve jersey in the same size and whilst it fits fine when standing, when on bike the chest is baggy and drops down. yet the size below (36-37) is too small. so not sure whats going on with these long sleeve tops.

    hope this helps