2011 Cervelo RS or S-Works frameset?

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This may seem like a no brainer in some regard but I would genuinely appreciate your input on which frameset to go for.
I was looking at getting an RS, in fact literally just about to get it when I was presented with the possibility of getting an S-Works Tarmac for the same money (long story).

I already have an old Tarmac and the geometry of the S-Works is identical and so the comfort in position terms will be spot on. I was looking at the RS as I like Cervelo's and geometry wise it is their most comfortable ride (that and the price compared to their other models).

So really my question is will the S-Works be too unforgiving a ride in terms of stiffness and as I don't race is it really worth having it if it is and as such would the RS be better suited to my riding habits; I ride about 4 times a week, 20 - 60 miles average per ride and do the odd sportive and an annual holiday in the mountains of Europe.
Asthetically I like them both so that's not a problem.


  • TMR
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    I think they'll both be too stiff for you; the S-Works especially so.

    Would you consider the Roubaix?
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    Thanks for that, I am leaning away from the S-Works. I'm used to my Tarmac and find that super comfy so haven't really thought about a Roubaix, I also figured the Cervelo at least wouldn't be too stiff.
    Tbh stiffness isn’t a major problem, just I had a mate say the S-Works will be ultra stiff and may be too much so for my purposes, despite the fact I ride very hard, whereas the Cervelo would be a more forgiving ride.
  • It sounds to me like the RS would suit your needs better than the S-works.
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  • Hi there, i have been riding my sl3 for nearly a month now ( built up over the winter months) and have clocked up 250 miles so far, i can only compare the ride to a scott addict r1 and a trek madone 6.9 which i have also ridden. For me the s works feels more stable ,but the ride does feel firm to say the least ,bear in mind that this is a pure race bike and with the quality of our roads at the moment you will feel every bump.But im very pleased and impressed with it , it absolutely flies along and climbs like a mountain goat . I cant compare it to the cervelo ,but i dont think you would be dissapointed with the sl3 frame , hope this helps
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    Out of those two, the Cervelo RS would be my choice ...
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    main brand or something hand made (yes I know top Spesh are hand made!) quality and different ? ....RS EVERY time :D
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    Not sure if they're hand made...
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    If you could stretch to it then how about a Cervelo R3?

    I have just got one and WOW, super stiff and soooo comfy. When you read about the pencil thin seat stays taking vibration you just think it's marketing jazz, but they really do.

    If you couldn't get an R3 then I would take the RS.
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    RS without a doubt.

    Super fast and super comfy............allows you to run with no spacers.

    See far too many bikes with a stack of spacers?????................dont have to with teh RS as its head tube slightly taller.
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    The taller head tube is THE reason I would go for the RS .... just a shame they do just a white/red colourscheme, awful ....
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    I love my 2009 RS, and the taller head tube doesn't mean you're giving much in terms of stiffness around the bottom bracket.

    The ride quality is sublime though, it takes the worst of Britain's roads in its stride but still climbs well and descends with precision. I've nothing against the S-Works, but for all day comfort without sacrificing performance - RS every time.
  • sonny73
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    Thanks for the replies chaps, much appreciated. I checked the geometry and amazingly the S-Works has the taller head tube!! But still I think I am leaning heavily towards the RS and your words have helped.
  • Cervelo - but then I am biased.
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    I built up my S-works frame just two weeks ago and have put 250 miles in it already. Superb bike, really fast, light and stiff but not too stiff. It is a very comfy bike and I rode it for 100 miles last Sunday no problem. I had a Cervelo S3 which was a lot stiffer at the rear but would say the R3/RS would ride akin to the S-works for stiffness.

    Either way, great bikes and I hear good things about the Cervelo frames. Personally I love stiff bikes and dont suffer on them as magazines and reviews suggest. The 548 toptube is ideal for me as I have short legs, long torso and often have trouble finding a decent fit and I dont want to go down the hand built route just yet.

    In short, I am over the moon with my S-works frame. Brilliant.

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    In short, I am over the moon with my S-works frame. Brilliant.

  • ajb72
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    I am biased, but I think the RS looks sporty, even with a taller headtube. It has allowed me to ride with zero spacers and still be comfortable[/img]
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    Just wish they still did a selection of colours, your black/silver one is nice ....
  • ajb72
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    Agreed - I quite like the new white finish, but I wouldn't swap it for mine.
  • giant_man
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    So do I take it it's second hand, or have you just built it up with a NOS frame?
  • ajb72
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    I picked the frame up second hand about 12 months ago and built it up from there, adding newer parts along the way. The latest addition is the Fizik Versus saddle - so far so good!
  • giant_man
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    Been thinking about the Aliante versus myself, glad to hear Arione VS is working out for you so far!
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    I sold an R3SL and replaced it with an SL3 last Summer. Big Mistake. The Specialized is like riding a plank of wood and about as interesting. It lasted a month or so.

    Get the Cervelo although it will make people assume you are in the financial services industry.
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    Just picked up a 2009 RS frame on eBay to replace my trusty 2007 CR1 Pro. Needed the plusher ride

    Will build it over the next 2-3 weeks as time allows. Will need new bars and tape (Black or White?) and possibly a different saddle...got a Max Flite Gel Airflow which is OK for upto 3 hrs then the pain kicks in...

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