£1000 to spend on a race frame

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My old frame is beyond repair and i need a new one
Any suggestions?
I've been thinking planet x nanolight
Look 566

I can spend up to £1000 but I dont need to, If the right frame is £300 then I'll spend that, I'm not a slave to labels but I'm keen on plain black... Something with a bit of colour would be good.

I need a 54ish or anything to suit 5'8 1/2 tall.

Does anyone know of any great bargains out there at the moment?

I'd prefer light weight over aerodynamics


  • If you have £1000 to spend on a race frame then the Cervelo S1 is what you're after.
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  • The frame is actually for my Girlfriend, I already have the S1, She's not that big of a fan.
    Canyon are very nice...
    I had a look at them and will now take another, Good suggestion!
  • taimur
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    gte the chinese carbon could be around sterling 400..? since you said you are not big on names.. i also hear they will do custom paint so you can get her one with a hot pink job as well ;)
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  • FM105
  • I'll check out the FM105
    Just been to JE james but nothing really stood out, A nice Pantani and that was about it.
    Canyon are very cool!
  • Squillinossett
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    I love my Nano light, and its bloody stiff, I cant flex it..

    Plus she might love the Team Guru version!

  • I keep pushing her towards it, I personally love planet x, I think they're a fantastic company.
    I think the guru frame is great.
    We where going to pop to their showroom today but decided to go to J E James instead.
    Its the bike i'd go for if I was buying today.
  • Squillinossett
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    I ordered my frame about 2 weeks before the Guru was launched.

    Same frame I know, but the Guru is sooo lovely! :evil:
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    You can just afford a Stork Scenario, superb bits of kit they are.

    And now you know, and knowing is half the battle
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  • The Stork is nice but just doesn't float my boat that much, I cant imagine it rides very different to the nanolight. But thanks anyway