Best Sunglasses??

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I am going to splash out and buy some new sunnies. I will probably buy a pair of Oakleys. I was just wodnering which oakleys people feel are the best.

I obviously want a pair that are great for riding, but they will also be used for driving and just general use.

Any ones to avoid? Any ones i should definatly buy?




  • Uchiga
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    I have a set of Oakley Jawbones, probably just about the best thing i could have bought sunglasses wise! Interchangeable lens's don't steam up all that much due to the vented lens's as well!
  • that_guy
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    I have Oakley Radars, and they're really great for cycling, with different shaped lenses as well as different colours. Although Radars and Jawbones are the best for cycling, I think they look a bit strange off the bike.
  • Uchiga
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    The split Jackets are the smaller brother to the jawbones, so they might be a good compromise, i'd agree Jawbones don't generally look that good off the bike though i think i pull it off :P
  • pbt150
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    Any of the Oakley active/sport range will be good. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes though so my advice is to try on as many pairs as you can to get the best fit around your eyes, and to get a pair that look decent.

    I worked out yesterday that Jawbones do not suit my face at all, so I'm narrowing down my options.
  • brh77
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    +1 for Jawbones- best I've ever had........
  • Embee83
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    I'm torn between M Frames and Jawbones.
  • sungod
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    depends on the shape of your face

    for me, radar path

    but for you, could be something very different, try a few, see what gives coverage without pressing into your cheeks

    for lenses, the positive red iridium polarised is good, neutral tint, dark enough for any uk sun, but still ok in winter/dark, the polarisation cuts glare
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  • Supergoose
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    Radar's here too. I did try Jawbones but because lens in encased entirely they restricted my peripheral veiw. Worth mentioning, no blind spots with Radar's.
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    Jawbones here, too. :wink:
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  • cougie
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    Radars are best for cycling but you look odd off the bike in them. Jawbones mist up more as they are enclosed at the bottom of the lens. Half jackets are a good combination - work well on the bike and look good in normal life too if you don't go mad with lens colours.
  • winton
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    Jawbones here too. They do mist up a little though, especially when you stop.
  • TMR
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    Winton wrote:
    Jawbones here too. They do mist up a little though, especially when you stop.

    To be fair, a lot of sunglasses do this. It's not an issue unique to Oakley.
  • bigpikle
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    I quite fancy these, but am damned if I can find anywhere stocking them yet....

    I have some Oakley M frames I've had for years and somehow they just dont quite seem comfortable enough, and the idea of photochromic lenses appeals.
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  • leedsmjh
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    Recently got Radars with VR28 black iridium lenses and have been very impressed with them. Comfortable, great clarity, good in different light conditions and the hydrophobic coating is fantastic. The insides don't junk up with sweat too much and you can just wipe away rain or mud with no smearing. I was forever stopping and cleaning my previous pair of glasses (Specialized) so think Oakley are worth it for the hydrophobic coating alone.
  • flanners1
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    Embee83 wrote:
    I'm torn between M Frames and Jawbones.

    Get 'em both! M Frames can just about be worn off bike whereas Jawbones don't look that chic sans bicyclette IMO.

    M Frames I have gold, red, blue and black iridium ( depending on sun situation,lens prices relatively low (comparitive to Jawbones and even better value when bought off here!)

    Jawbones I have red polarized and the amber jobbies.

    Not sure any of then really suit me tbh.
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  • rjh299
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    Winton wrote:
    Jawbones here too. They do mist up a little though, especially when you stop.

    To be fair, a lot of sunglasses do this. It's not an issue unique to Oakley.

    My Radars don't steam up at all. Think Radars look better on and off the bike but Jawbones do look very 'pro'.[/img]
  • dawebbo
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    +1 for Jawbones
  • JRooke
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    it's all about the jawbones... awesome specs!
  • moonshine
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    ive got Oakley Half jackets with VR50 transitons photochromatic lenses and they are perfect for the bike - they workk from low light full to full alpine sunshine...
  • c0ugars
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    Jawbones are great but if you want different lenses things can start to become pricey.
  • Gazzaputt
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    Jawbones didn't sit right on me so plumped for Radar Paths which are perfect.

    Have a look here
  • twoodley
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    Flak Jackets with photochromic lenses for me.
    Perfect on and off the bike.
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  • jrduquemin
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    brh77 wrote:
    +1 for Jawbones- best I've ever had........

    +1 for the Jawbones for me also. I also have a pair of E-wires and a set of M frames with prescription lenses..
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  • rozzer32
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    another +1 for jawbones.

    Great sunglasses but it is worth trying lots of different pairs on because you will be pretty pi**ed off if you spend a lot of money to find out they don't fit.
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