Pro Stealth EVO Carbon Handlebar/Stem Combo

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Anybody running with the above at the moment, if so could I have some opinions please ???

Pro Stealth EVO Carbon Handlebar/Stem Combo



  • spanielsson
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    I have a set on my Colnago CX-1. Super stiff, the steering with them is great the flat bar tops are really comfortable for climbing. The internal cable routing is problem free too.

    The only thing to bear in mind is it's not a weight weenie combo. For the feeling they give on the road I'm happy to sacrifice the weight!
  • LangerDan
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    What Spanielsson said, but a) the drop is quite shallow compared to other bars and b) as with any bar/stem combo, make sure you are happy with the reach, width and bar angle. There is no cheap and/or easy fix to any of them if they're wrong.

    Other than that I've been using them for a couple of years with no problems
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  • rjsmith
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    I liked them a lot but again worried that one crash would wipe out a lot of money. Felt good and comfortable.
  • AndyD2574
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    Awesome.................superb feel.

    Was running cinelli carbon bars and my set up now feels tighter......shallower drop so I spend far more time on teh drops.....even for climbing and around teh hoods is comfier as its more compact.

    VERY stiff but comfy too.

    GET THEM! :D
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  • Coyote
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    Got mine just before a week in the Alps last summer. Love them! If you can afford them then get them!

    I have the white ones on my white bike and they look the mutts good that I had to get the matching seat post....and no, I couldn't notice a difference, all about the look I'm afraid! :oops:
  • Brommers76
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    Same here, stiff and comfortable.