Which replacement chainrings?

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In the middle of servicing the winter bike and upgrading from triple to compact at the same time. It is running Campag Veloce 9 speed with C9 chain. I have some secondhand 110BCD crank arms but now need compatible chainring 48/34 or 50/34.
Was just browsing the TA and Stronglight sites, but its still not completely obvious which model chainrings are suitable. Could anyone give me a pointer in the right direction...not fussed on brand.


  • Monty Dog
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    TA generally higher quality and more expensive than Stronglight - Stronglight do 2 grades - basic dural and hard anodised.
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  • pete.whelan
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    you might even be able to find a new compact chainset, for the price of 2 new chainrings. Have a search at places like G B Cycles (Bike +)
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